Women Are Careful, Wearing Slippers Is More Hurtful Than High Heels.

- Oct 28, 2019-

Wearing high-heeled shoes is beautiful, but the damage to the feet is so great that the ladies love and hate, but in fact, the slippers that are known for their comfort are more harmful. Experts point out that the old concept of comfort equals safety may cost women a heavy price, and may even cripple at any time.

The foot therapist warned that the slippers are thin and have insufficient support, which can cause long-term injuries and is the most dangerous shoe style. When you wear it, your toes should be firmly grasped. The foot will be under pressure for a long time, which may cause inflammation of the tendons and muscle pain. In severe cases, walking may cause paralysis or abduction, and even cause knee and back problems due to walking posture.

Experts suggest that women should not wear slippers for a long time, and should avoid switching from other shoes to slippers in a short time, so that the feet should have time to adapt slowly.

In addition, slippers are also one of the main culprits of traffic accidents. There are 1.4 million accidents or almost accidents in the UK every year. They are caused by drivers wearing slippers. It is better to wear slippers when driving.

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