Types Of Sandals

- Nov 13, 2018-

Caliga: Military shoes worn by the soldiers of the Ancient Roman Legion (Roman legionary soldier). Clog: Sandals that are usually thick wooden soles or shoes that look similar.

Usually refers to sandals that do not tie shoelaces (slip-on), including Boots (Boots). Geta: Japanese clogs. Japanese is called ' Lower Snowflake '.

It is visible in geisha (Geisha) and Sumo (Sumo) wear.

Espadrilles: usually canvas noodles (canvas upper).

Roman Sandals: Upper (Vamp) multi-strap.

Zori: Japanese may be ' grass '.

Mules: Refers to shoes that do not have a back gang (backless), but also can be counted as sandals. Melon Dazi: A kind of sandals made from used tires in Yimeng area in the past. There are still a lot of people wearing in the countryside.

More popular cold drag, more convenient, there is a sense of bone!

Beach sandals: Used when visiting the beach, more popular among primary and secondary school students Anti-static sandals: Anti-static sandals using electrostatic dissipation material PU (polyurethane) to make soles. The introduction of kinematics and physiology based on the had system, the shoe body light and soft, comfortable and breathable, long-term wear is not easy to fatigue. is a more economical option. Suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive areas. Insoles on the soles of the resistance of 10 of 6 times to 8 times, the body on the sole resistance of 10 5 times to 7 times, the surface resistance of 10 to 6 times. Scope of use: The requirements of dust-free production workshop, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing, computer motherboard production enterprises, mobile phone production plants.

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