Sandals Maintenance Trilogy

- Nov 13, 2018-

Cleaning Tips

The stains on the leather upper can not be rubbed with a damp cloth, let alone immersed in water, otherwise it will destroy the color of the shoe surface pulp, but also make the leather shoes hardened, deformed. For light leather sandals, you can use a soft cloth dipped in the same color shoe polish gently wipe. Shoe polish can not be coated too thick, because the shoe polish has a certain volatility, too much coating, a long time will cause the upper dry.

In addition, before the collection, it is best to apply a little lard, so that the skin remains soft and moist, not easy to deform.

For glossy leather sandals, apply a dry cloth to wipe off the stains, on some shoe polish can be. For suede sandals, before storage, fine sandpaper can be used to gently rub at the stains and keep the suede erect.

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