Sandals In The Chinese Market

- Nov 13, 2018-

China's footwear market can be subdivided into four parts: leather shoes, rubber shoes, cloth shoes and plastic shoes. In addition to the market segments of the shoe style and materials are increasingly changing, the consumption structure of various types of shoes have also changed. The sales ratio of leather shoes has risen from the early 9% to 35%. Consumer groups have also expanded from the original cities to rural areas, and products have begun to develop from low-level to mid-to-middle. Standing in the world footwear market, China produces footwear mainly in the middle and low grade.

Leather shoes annual output of about 2.4 billion pairs, accounting for 40% of the total production of leather shoes in the world, the market share of low-grade leather shoes reached 85%. With the improvement of people's material level, the change of aesthetic consciousness, the production type and scale of sandals have been greatly changed, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, in the production of fashionable, quality assurance at the same time, but also to establish brand awareness, change production output for the brand output.

China's sandals production scale is huge, according to Yiwu International Trade City Footwear sales data show that canvas shoes have been one of the best-selling products.

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