Pairing Of Sandals

- Nov 13, 2018-

Different Roman shoes, each chain has beaded decorations, plus a small slope heel, it is very feminine, and very relaxed and convenient, very fan of bohemian style sandals Oh.

Classic cross-winding design, coupled with crimson color elements, easily highlight the owner of the fashion inspiration, slope with the style of feminine and not tired feet.

Super fan of a small slope with sandals, the design of the diamond circumference, showing uninhibited personality, toe design industry is very fan Oh!

Sweet Navy style, give people a refreshing feeling, woven with bow design, put on it, instantly become sweet little cute lady, how can not let him love not to release eyes.

Very stylish wash denim fabric, very chic a sandals, coupled with exquisite hemp slope heel, put on her, must be the focus of the street.

Super momentum of a high heels, ultra-tall fine heel will be feminine display of the most incisive, on the foot not only stretched the body, more prominent big name, strong air field.

Thick heel waterproof table design, so that this pair of high heels better control, retro color, but also more grade, elegant and noble.

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