Not OUT Men's Summer Sandals Are So Wearable

- Oct 28, 2019-

In the past, our impression of sandals was “home”, but this may be the impression that the choices on the matching or style are brought to the public. In fact, sandals are the summer must-have for many foreign stars and street hipsters. Let's take a look at how men's summer sandals can be worn.

Sandals are the earliest foot care products in human history. It is said that the Egyptians in BC made the soles of the size of the feet with straw ropes, and fixed them on the feet with raw cowhide belts, that is, the current sandals are from the original The wrap is derived from a belt or rope.

Summer sandals precautions

1, expose the toes or relatively cool, can treat the accumulation of moisture and fungal infections when wearing shoes.

2, leather materials are more comfortable.

3, in order to facilitate walking, most of the sandals are fastened to the foot with a lock, so that the arch and ankle are fixed on the foot.

4, using vibram soles, walking comfort.

5, leather sandals need maintenance, can not be washed with water, the best way is to use a soft cloth to rub the same color shoe polish.

How do men wear sandals in summer?

According to the model's demonstration, the sandals should be worn without street smell. The method is to tie the narrow pants and trousers, don't fold the trousers, and then put on the socks. The simpler the style of sandals, the more you can wear. Elegant.

In fact, sandals with 7 points pants are better than lining 9 points pants, wide or narrow pants can be worn, with socks will be better than not wearing, it is best to choose toe socks, etc., gently stepping out of the clam taste.

Shorts with sandals are a lazy style. It is recommended to choose the style of sandals when wearing shorts. It is too simple to choose. It is more visually heavy, and it is equipped with a vibram outsole with sandals, and a windbreaker can be worn out.

1. First of all, the material on the leather can be used to set off the texture of the male.

2, the style is recommended to use a simple medium-wide version of the belt interlaced on the instep is better, the belt is too thin or braided like a twist, easy to reveal the taste of women's shoes, should be carefully selected. Unlike women's sandals, the belts are thinner and more decorative. It is better for boys to choose sandals with a simple classic.

3, color men can start from the basic colors of black, white or brown, too eye-catching color is not only more limited, but also more difficult.

4, light-colored tannins shirt under the loose khaki pants, choose the same color brown sandals with the belt, showing a casual summer cool wear. Striped T and dark blue Blazer on khaki shorts, leather shoulder bag and sandals for a casual look.

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