How To Determine The Quality Of Sandals?

- Feb 22, 2019-

Observe the soles of sandals in all directions. There are two types of sandals sole, one is absolutely hard sole, the other is soft sole, mostly male sandals and a small part of female sandals. Women's hard soles must be as holistic as possible with high hardness and wear resistance, so as to keep the sole as far as possible. Soft soles observe whether the material is wear-resistant. In general, the denser the material is, the more wear-resistant it is, the same material as the tire.

Carefully observe the upper ties of sandals. Each link is the soul of the whole sandal, which not only involves the visual quality, but also is the first place where sandals are easy to break down. Sandal ties are thick and thin, but not necessarily solid and reliable. The key is to look at the way the sandal ties go, flexibility, material and other comprehensive measures, and more according to the sandals you wear as an example, choose a certain type of tie you can trust.

The glue on the shoe body was found as a whole. Nowadays, it is very difficult for shoes not to use glue. The life span of shoes depends on the degree and meticulousness of glue. When we observe, we should not only observe whether the various parts of the shoe and the connection of the shoe body are consistent and close, but also observe whether there is colloid leakage, whether there is even a place where it is possible to open glue. This kind of defect can not be tolerated.

Observe the overall workmanship of sandals. Whether sandals or ordinary shoes, workmanship is an important aspect of shoe quality. Generally speaking, the shoes with good workmanship are mostly produced by the regular powerful manufacturers, the quality system is very strict, and the production indicators are also strict, so the possibility of good quality shoes is very great. Work should be observed from the overall perspective, so as to be flawless.

Detailed and clear measurement of shoe quality assurance system and rules. A good product quality, product manufacturers, sellers and so on will have a lot of confidence and confidence, their quality assurance system is also perfect, can guarantee how long you buy shoes will not be bad, what problems will appear how to deal with the program and so on. When purchasing, you should be specific and specific, and put it on the shopping list.

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