How To Clean Different Cork Materials?

- Aug 03, 2019-

The first layer of cowhide: like other traditional shoes, it can be moisturized and maintained with shoe polish or oily spray. Once a week, dust can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth.

Crazy horse skin: Wipe the upper with cotton cloth and use leather cleaner to remove dirt. Soft oil polish once a week, when the leather is dry and hard, please moisturize with oil.

Anti-cassette: Clean the sponge, multi-purpose cleaning brush or old toothbrush, gently brush off the dust on the surface. If it is dirty, clean it with textile cleaner or soapy water, air dry. Remember that the leather material is not easy to expose. . Do not use oyster sauce or shoe polish. The suede is more difficult to care for, and should be avoided when wearing it.

Transfer film leather:

The surface of the transfer film is smooth and clean. It is easy to handle. Wipe the cotton cloth with water and wring it out.

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