How To Choose Sandals With Different Foot Types

- Nov 13, 2018-

Fleshy type Foot type description: This type of foot is different from the wide foot, the foot bone is actually quite small, the feet are usually very white, but the only problem is that the meat is more, looks chubby, has a feeling similar to baby fat.

Girls who have always been able to take a lovely route can also feel a little tricky trying to change their bipedal image. Sandals Pick Tips: This season's popular bundled sandals can divide the feet well so that the feet are visually thinner.

Simple T-shaped sandals win with a minimalist design, also suitable for fat feet mm, making you appear more generous and elegant.

Internal flip type of foot bone Foot type description: This is a very common and most frightening foot type.

The inside of the bipedal is close to the big toe position, two protruding large bones always destroy the shape of the shoe in an instant, but also destroy the perfect dignified image, it is really annoying. Sandals Pick Tips: have toenails internal flip feet mm do not discourage, Bai sister-in-the-letter Victoria is also a member of this lineup, not the same fashion impeccable! Coping with this season's Sandals purchase plan, pick two feet on both sides of the tight style, to dark lace, mesh and other materials as the first choice, metal rivets,

Three-dimensional flowers and other highly expansive material is disabled, retro strap details grasp the eyeball, prominent foot bone hidden in the tightly wrapped shoe edge is not too eye-catching.

Toe Flat Type Foot type description: Strictly speaking, this kind of foot type is not defective, many mm have this kind of foot type, and in addition to the beautiful feminine pointy shoes try to be a bit tricky, other styles are very good to wear.

It is worth mentioning that the open toe heels and this type of mm matching is extremely high oh. Sandals Pick Tips: Fish beak high heels are the most suitable for flat toe cute mm to deduce sandals style, revealing three toes of the design just good, fish mouth too small or too big will make the front end of the foot appear wide, destroy the beauty of the feet.

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