Who is not fit to wear flip-flops

- Nov 13, 2018-

1, paparazzi entangled star: Star to the level of Wang Fei, a out of the dog and tail, to go anywhere to walk the person is the most unsuitable to wear flip-flops, but this kind of people most love the flip-flops, is simply the face of the flip of the human word.

Wang Fei, regardless of winter and summer, loves to wear flip-flops, she

Is the best example of the human word drag fashion, but also by the word drag the harm of the representative, do not have to go to Mount Emei Thu Shin, according to her so wear flip-flops, Wang Fei's ankle, calf, knee, hip, back are her health black spots. 2, pregnant women, overweight people: overweight people need more support from shoes, they usually put more stress due to obesity on the feet, ankles and back.

And flip-flops can add to the loss of these locations, causing more damage to these areas. 3, easy to dump shoes people: Paris Hilton's sister, Nicky, summer shopping often wear flip-flops, but she once shopping to the left foot of the word drag out, let follow the paparazzi joke. In fact, sandals have been very easy to dump, flip-flops are easier to dump, to ensure that do not dump, you can only try to clamp tight, a hard to hurt the muscle Achilles tendon, so those easy to dump shoes, also do not fit to wear flip-flops, image destruction.

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