The Origin and development of flip flops

- Nov 13, 2018-

In the history of our country, there are historical records of human-character slippers in the Han Dynasty. Oriental Shuo "In the Language" has recorded: "Spring and Autumn in the push of the escape of Lu, holding the tree and death." Wen Pan Caress Wood lament, then thought clogs.

The original slippers, the majority of the wooden, so wooden slippers are also known as "clogs", "slippers Board" or "quack board." "Quack board" was first prevalent in the period of China's southern and Northern Dynasties. Xie Lingyun once modified it, so also called "Shei Park clogs." Li Bai in "Sleepwalking Day basking Yin Liube" there is a "foot Shei Park clogs, in the green ladder", said is this kind of wooden person slippers. Jia Baoyu in the dream of red mansions often wears this kind of slippers.

As for how clogs drift across the sea to Japan, they must not be detailed.

In the the 1950s, the first pair of plastic "slippers" came out in France, which also meant that humans began to enter the era of new slippers. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the function of people's slippers, there are many concepts such as air-conditioner slippers, bathing slippers, beach slippers, health slippers, fashion slippers, room slippers and so on. These various and colorful of people's slippers, such as a road elegant and chic leisure scenery, to create an infinite romantic summer fun.

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