The matching type of flip-flops

- Nov 13, 2018-

Shorts and T-shirts, with double flip-flops at your feet, are the most serious choices. In fact, like T-shirts, flip-flops belong to the "democratic" element of fashion. The sense of design is all in the pattern, color and color, and the wearer's own body type has little relationship.

As long as the flip-flops themselves are well designed, no matter how tall and thin they can wear the lattice-not like the big-name clothes, "clothes picking people." In fact, do not think that the flip-flops can only be fitted with a beach-like casual wind, the men's world has a great sense of slimming, but also the achievement of human word dragging. Because lean leg pants emphasize the line sense, if paired with leather shoes or sneakers, are more slender shoe type as well, otherwise it is as if the toothpick inserted on the steamed bread that does not match the tune. And how can the skinny shoe type, compared to their own pair of bare feet more able to maintain the line sense of lean leg pants?

The flip-flops are the time, two simple and eye-catching buckles, is really a good choice of slimming wind. Choose the flip-flops should also pay attention to, or to the top of the pole to go, so the most suitable to match the beach casual wear, or it must be pure color in the end, such as black, silver, coffee, full of low-tech low-key feeling, but also a complete sense of excellence.

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