Precautions for flip-flops

- Nov 13, 2018-

In the early years, "flip-flops" also belonged only to some cool, dragging young boys, this cool, convenient slippers, has been posted on the feet of many fashion girls, and the style is more abundant. Yet experts warn that women who wear flip-flops are carefully dressed as "inner eight words."

Research by researchers at Auburn University in the United States found that flat flip-flops can hardly provide any support to the foot, wearing it will gradually change a person's way of walking, stride, and eventually make the heel, soles of the feet, ankles have serious problems. Some doctors explained that when walking in flip-flops, because the strap between the toes can not give the foot enough support surface to lift the slippers, whenever the heel off the ground, the toe will bend up "hook" slippers, this is an unnatural force situation. If the time is too long, will lead to the muscles in front of the calf feel sore, in order to avoid the embarrassment of shoes, but also shorten the stride, the ankles to the inside, that is, the formation of what we often say "inside the eight words." When dragging and walking, the human center of gravity will tilt forward, the knees will naturally be slightly curved, the waist spine will bend backwards, a long time, knees and waist spine will be painful. Women who like to wear flip-flops often have heel pain and even heel bone spurs. Sun Wei pointed out that the culprit in this problem is the soles of the flip-flops. Wear high heels for a long time, excellent soles or soles are not flat, heel part of the weight is too large, easy to lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia, the appearance of heel pain.

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