One word with high heel sandals, highlighting the temperament of women

- Nov 13, 2018-

This is a shoe that can create a bright and sparkling feeling for you, shoes especially in the sun under the effect is quite obvious, you will fall in love with this shoe, because the surface of the shoe using some sparkling embellishment, shoes or high heel design, heels wear up a good feature is increased, for you to increase is not a problem,

Very suitable for small girls. With elegant rear space, combined with temperament of the beak shoe head, to bring a good air field, seconds to change the temperament of the Queen. Gao Heel and goddess Fan Cai want to match, a little higher let them all point their toes to look up, temperament superior.

Summer convenient waterproof table, so that you always maintain an elegant posture, no fear of more rainy season small puddles.

Hate than the sky has always been our pursuit, slender heels and the design suddenly show the Queen's Temperament, high waterproof table design, can be a good buffer slender heels with the discomfort, with adjustable rear tripping belt design, wearing more stick to the fit type. This high heels are very simple and stylish, tall heel shoes full of strong European and American style design, the leather features of the skin repair is very obvious, but also fully reflects the temperament charm of this high heels, rubber soles material is very comfortable and maintain the comfort of the shoes.

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