Maintenance methods for beach shoes

- Sep 15, 2019-

1. When wearing beach shoes, do not put the fixed shoelaces of the heel on the bottom of the footboard. Many people wear beach shoes as slippers, and for a long time, the fixed straps of the shoes will be trampled and the body will be deformed.

2. Try not to wear beach shoes for intense exercise. Like playing basketball, playing football, trying to wear special shoes, even the best beach shoes can not be used as soccer shoes.

3, when hiking, try not to step on the sharp objects such as sharp stones, avoid bathing in the water for a long time, or put it in the sun, do not let the fire bake during camping, so as not to change color, deformation, accelerate aging.

beach shoes

4. Don't lend beach shoes to people whose feet are bigger than your feet.

5, to avoid contact with chemicals, such as alcohol, sulfuric acid, stained with chemicals or soaked in sea water should be cleaned in time

6, the beach shoes should be cleaned in time, when cleaning, be careful not to use the shoe brush to clean, should be washed repeatedly with water, then wipe with a rag, put the ventilation to dry, the body is dropped or short-term should be timely patched.

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