How to match flip flops

- Nov 13, 2018-

Midsummer, all the beautiful women, all cool up, the foot is also a kind of style, from the big Star to the street beauty, This summer all have the same fashion items----flip slippers.

Walking in the street to look at the past, flip-flops frequently skimmed our eyes, all confirmed its ultra-high rate of mirror. On a hot summer's, loving girls are used to wearing shorts and T-shirts, while wearing a double flip at the foot is the right choice. The design sense of the herringbone slippers is all in the pattern, color and color, and the wearing of my body is not very relevant. As long as the flip-flops themselves are well designed, whether tall, fat and thin can wear the lattice, not like the big-name clothes, "clothes pick people."

Actually, don't think of flip-flops.

It can only be fitted with a beach-like casual wind, in recent years, the men's clothing industry has become a sense of slimming, but also the achievement of human word slippers. Because lean leg pants emphasize the line sense, if paired with leather shoes or sneakers, are more slender shoe type as well, otherwise it is as if the toothpick inserted on the steamed bread so incongruous. and skinny shoe type, how can you match a pair of bare feet more able to maintain the line sense of lean legs?

Herringbone slippers at the right time, two simple and eye-catching buckle, is really a good choice of slimming wind. Flip slippers are hundreds of tidal objects, skirts, trousers, long, short, can be brought a try. Shopping with sisters, shake off tiring high heels, lightweight slippers make people happy; Walking in the street when the storm, a pair of slippers no matter how big the rain, how strong the wind, you can stride, completely regardless of their own will become a mess. Baseball caps, short-sleeved T-shirts, hot pants, plus a pair of slippers, is the most iconic street fan of the summer.

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